#CallHertoAccount – Silence and Abuse in the Queer/Lesbian community

This [article] is a prayer for us all, as witnesses and survivors, to step up and push through the fear that keeps us silent. This [article] is a prayer for hope, healing and responsibility. An offering of stories that will hopefully validate, inform and inspire dialogue and action. A calling for us to notice, whose... Continue Reading →



After completing my studies I have had to head home mainly because I am still looking for a job and partially because I need to rest, recuperate and strategise my life. The latter part of this process is hard because my anxiety keeps reminding me that I need to do something. With my finances dwindling... Continue Reading →

YOU KNOW WHAT’S WRONG? NOW WHAT – GETTING A DIAGNOSIS — pinkcloudsandrainbows’s Blog

#LearningtoBreathe is a mental health collaborative series between two blogs focusing on developing a conversation and language around mental health for the black Queer/Lesbian community. The series will tackle a number of issues. In this week's post Thabile Shale speaks on receiving your diagnosis!! What do you after? Because mental health management is such a... Continue Reading →

#Learningtobreathe Mental Health Series

  “I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important for me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood. That speaking profits me, beyond any other effect.” – Audre Lorde We all have had a continuous and unending love affair... Continue Reading →


To a younger me – “Don’t come out, if you don’t want to” Coming out – the act of announcing, publicising/disclosing or declaring your sexuality has been a staple of LGBTI activism and advocacy since the 1970s. Promoted by the Gay Liberation Front – a collective of gay groups – coming out was utilised as a... Continue Reading →

Are you even a lesbian/Queer if these womxn weren’t your crushes?!!

For all our differences and multiplicity, South African lesbians/Queers, born in the 80’s and growing up in the 90’s – the Black womxn we crushed on were pretty predictable. It is a UNIVERSAL FACT (AfricaCheck me boo) that crushing on these womxn is part of you earning your dyke/lesbian/Queer badge!! If you didn’t it might... Continue Reading →

Emotional accountability & responsibility – Setting boundaries and being accountable

  I always speak about emotional responsibility and accountability and I always get asked what do I mean? For a long while I took this to be a self-evident truth. Meaning, in any relationship there is an (implicit and explicit) agreement that our interactions will be centred on emotionally responsible behaviour. I played myself intensely... Continue Reading →

Displaced: Black and Queer – a coming of age SA Queer documentary

Minister of Home Affairs and Another v Fourie and Another; Lesbian and Gay Equality Project and Others v Minister of Home Affairs [2005] is the Constitutional Court case that signaled to South African society that Queer/Lesbian/Gay relationships were a legitimate and permanent part of the South African legal and social fabric. Juxtapose this victory with... Continue Reading →

Nolwazi and Sethu (#BlackLesbian/QueerLove Series)

  I came to the realisation that I was attracted to womxn in High School. These were the early 2000s, I was an overly protected child coming to terms with my sexuality. II first "came out" or identified as bisexual. In an all girls school, this seemed to be a safe alternative. Bisexuality provided the safety of... Continue Reading →

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